Our Sold Listings

Step into the legacy of our sold listings, where each property tells a story of transition and triumph. These homes, once filled with memories, now stand as testaments to successful journeys and new beginnings. As we bid farewell to these cherished spaces, we celebrate the milestones achieved and the dreams realized. Explore our sold listings and join us in honoring the chapters closed and the exciting possibilities that await in the next chapter of your journey.

39 Walnut West St     420 Summit Ave

     1 Bailey Dr

29 Ridgeview Dr     29 Stoneridge Dr

36 Coeyman Ave     42 Rutherford Pl

44 Rustic Dr     64 Rodney St

67 Chaucer Dr     72 Old forge Rd

77 Sherwood Rd     137 The Promenade

217 E Franklin Tpke     

263 Winthrop Dr     311 Lawrence Ave

357 Hillsdale Ave