Heather Shanley

105 Union Avenue
Cresskill, New Jersey 07626

Heather's a vibrant personality when it comes to her many passions....between her wit, humor and her vivid interest in all facets of real estate, be prepared for an experience way above average. Heather brings a ‘fun experience’ to the serious and sometimes tedious side of the real estate plight. She does this by listening carefully and doing the research, so you are not wasting time continuously looking, - but instead ‘finding’ that specific home that make sense to your dreams, yet viable in today’s market place. Heather’s energy is boundless when it comes to the other side, selling your home...Where does all this energy come from one often asks.......Heather’s love for sports runs the gamut from soccer to tennis, volley ball, golf, paddle boarding and marathon running... and this energy will propel itself relentlessly until your home is happily sold, or or dream home, is soon to be realized. Heather has lived for over 30 years in Bergen County (“I’m getting old” she chuckles), raising two daughters while maintaining a career in sales; advertising, marketing and medical education. More recently, her love for architecture, design, and experience with renovations (she has done many remodeling jobs) have found its way into her natural world of real estate, and what better world than that of Corcoran Infinity Properties, a superb fit...As Heather says: “My core belief has always been to treat others the way I want to be treated”